Nicholas Tesija
Discoverable Wiki
An Angular 5 website that allows for a fun wiki which displays undiscovered pages to users. This was going to be used alongside a Starfinder or DnD campaign. Utilizes a simple local server.
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Heart Hop
Fast-paced 8 player team battle! This was created for a 48 hour game jam. Our team won 1st place with this game.
Train Track Trouble
Battle your friends in a fast paced team train battle! This was my team's final project for EECS 494.
Throne Throttle
Battle to be king of the hill in a car... in space! Created for a 48 hour game jam and won 4th place.
CURRENTLY UNDER MAINTENECE. A web based version of my HopCat Tapper.
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HopCat Tapper
CURRENTLY UNDER MAINTENECE. Want to find out what the most alcohol per dollar you can get at HopCat? Check out the HopCat Tapper!
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I make songs for video games. There are some samples and full soundtracks on my SoundCloud, check it out!
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